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Promoting Environmental Literacy

May 12th, 2023

Stormwater management is an essential part of keeping communities healthy in the 21st century. It helps to prevent pollution from entering local water bodies and reduces the risk of flooding. Stormwater runoff is one of the biggest sources of water pollution in urban and suburban areas, presenting many environmental, social, and economic challenges. But how can we address this issue? It starts with education.

Educating individuals about stormwater management is crucial to ensuring that we all understand the issue and can take steps to prevent it. Classroom education is an effective part of any municipal stormwater outreach program. It informs young citizens about the impact of polluted stormwater runoff on water quality and empowers them to take action.

Schools can play a vital role in public education, involvement, and outreach efforts. They serve as centers of learning and connect neighbors to one another. By incorporating stormwater messaging into their science lessons, schools can provide students with an early understanding of environmental stewardship.

Making a difference through stormwater education.

Ryan Whitmore, Sr. Project Manager at Landcore, is a prime example of someone who is making a difference through stormwater education. Recently, he visited March Creek 6th Grade Center to educate students about stormwater, erosion, run off, and environmental stewardship. The timing of the visit was strategic so that students could learn about stormwater the day before doing a stream study. This helps tie in what they learn in class to what a civil engineer does, and then see it in real life during the study.

By educating the public on stormwater management and its importance, we can become better stewards of the land.

The benefits of educational outreach are abound. Students who learn about environmental stewardship early are more likely to become interested and involved in environmental protection efforts. They also often pass on what they learn to their families, raising environmental awareness in their communities.

By educating the public on stormwater management and its importance, we can become better stewards of the land. We all have a part to play in keeping our waters clean, and education is the first step towards taking action. So, let us all do our part to keep our communities healthy and vibrant!