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Our Story

We started a company during a recession. It became a key advantage.

In 2006 our founder, Matthew Rutt, started the journey of creating a leading, regional civil engineering firm to serve the needs of the private land development community. When the recession hit in 2007, we quickly adapted to a remote work setup to take advantage of our small size and to keep expenses low. That pivot has become a key feature of our success ever since.

“Looking back, that period was an anxious one.  I had left a secure job to take a chance at creating something new.  I was fortunate to have landed a couple of large projects that enabled me to hire my first employees and really get going.  Personally, my wife and I were also starting our family.  I was scouting out office space when the economy took a nose-dive.  Going with a remote setup seemed like the logical thing to do at the time, at least as a temporary measure. It allowed us to get through those early few years.  We figured it out day-by-day and have been perfecting it ever since.”

Matt Rutt, CEO + Founder

In 2007, we welcomed Brian Meyers to our team, who became a partner in 2018. With Brian and Matt’s expertise and leadership, we added a core of talented engineers and several project managers, pushing us towards our path to growth and success. Our team’s expanded capabilities allowed us to serve more clients, resulting in an influx of referrals, adding to the steady flow of repeat business. In 2019, we embarked on an intentional growth journey towards becoming a mid-sized firm, providing ample opportunities for our employees, enhancing our services for clients, and diversifying the market sectors that we service.  This focus was intended to create a more sustainable and thriving organization, as well as one that can better withstand future market challenges.

We all know how 2020 went. Unexpectedly, it was a time of big growth for us.

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 reinforced and prioritized the need for a remote work structure, something we have been refining for the past 14 years. While we initially prepared for major challenges and setbacks, we quickly refocused and entered a period of strong and controlled growth (120% over the 2-yr period). We successfully executed our growth strategy and expanded our market sector diversity, all while keeping customer service and employee opportunity at the heart of our operations.

A firm foundation to build on. A journey of continual improvement.

Currently, we stand to leverage the growth and work of the past several years towards something even better. One of our core values is continual improvement, and this mantra captures what is literally happening within Landcore every day.  From systems to individuals to teams, you name it; we are making it better.  With each passing year, projects are getting more challenging to design, regulations more complex, permits harder to obtain, and of course more employees brings more complex business operations and communications. Our mentality of continual improvement keeps us focused on finding new and efficient ways to successfully meet these challenges.

“Looking forward Landcore finds itself set up to tackle the new challenges of land development consulting with a fantastic team of people that truly embrace the core values and core focus of the company.  Being part of the hiring of many of the new faces over the past three years has been inspiring and humbling.  What started as a personal endeavor to challenge myself and build a career has turned into a true passion for leading our team to success both professionally and personally.”

Brian Meyers, COO

Building on our history and our current solid foundation, we eagerly look towards the future where we can increasingly execute our core focus of enabling our clients’ success while improving our employees’ lives.