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Why Landcore

We don’t tout core values such as quality and customer service; we consider these “givens”.  We are fanatics about these things; however, they don’t make us special. So, what does?

We Leverage our Experience

Collectively, our staff has successfully executed thousands of projects. We’ve learned valuable lessons from every single one of them. However, this experience is only valuable if it can be captured and applied to your project.  We do this intentionally through our internal processes, structure, and management. We focus much of these efforts early in your project’s lifecycle as part of our Strategic Planning Phase to identify threshold issues.  Many of our clients see this as a vital risk management and due diligence tool that sets their project up for success.

We Lean into the Hard Things

To deliver maximum value to our clients, we must be the best in the biz at the hardest parts of the process. We do this by going deep on our technical expertise and regulatory knowledge, and by building key agency relationships and custom processes.  We focus much of these efforts on stormwater design/permitting (particularly NPDES permitting for our PA projects) which is often a long lead permitting item. Our marker of success is getting your project out of the revise/resubmit/review cycle as swiftly as possible.

We Think Like Owners

We only do private-sector work.  Working hand-in-hand with owners and developers for many years has shaped our view towards project management, design and solving issues.  We advocate for you.  We understand that time erodes the value of your deal.  Earning your trust in this regard and gaining your repeat business is our measure of success.    

Reach out to us today for a more robust discussion on ways that we can deliver value to your next project.