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More Than Engineers, We Are Your Partner in Land Development

By engaging Landcore, you and your team are leveraging the collective experience and expertise of our entire team to achieve your project success. Through proper up-front planning and strategy, leaning into the challenges of the design and permitting phase, and being there with you through construction and close-out, we partner with you from start to finish. Here’s what your Landcore experience will look like.

Site Identified

Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning Phase is your risk management tool. We understand the need to keep your costs to a minimum during what is often the “pursuit” phase of a project, and balance that with the need to determine the realistic yield and feasibility of the site. Our experience and expertise will be leveraged to find and execute that balanced scope of work. Concluding with us walking you through our summary memorandum of findings, recommendations, projected timelines and costs, you will find yourself well-equipped to make that go/no-go decision.

Design / Permitting

In our Design/Permitting Phase, projects that survive the scrutiny of the above Strategic Planning Phase now get our full treatment. Our Project Manager will chart a thoughtful course through the permitting landscape while one of our dedicated design teams goes to work doing what they do best. From there, we dive into submissions, hearing testimony, managing multiple reviewers and consultants, making revisions, and ultimately getting you the permits and approvals you need. During this phase, proactive communication with you is essential. Our project managers will keep you abreast of project status and issues on a regular basis using reporting/communication protocols customized to meet your preferences. Our goal is to get you to construction as effectively as possible with a design that meets your project needs in the most cost-effective way. Yeah, this step is hard (and only getting harder), but this is what we do every day.  This is where we prove our value. Bring it on.

Post-Approval / Construction

Once approvals are in hand, we remain in your corner during the Post-Approval / Construction Phase by working with your contractor to properly prepare for construction, observe critical stages of site work, creatively problem-solve the inevitable unforeseen issues that will arise during construction, and aid in closing out the project. We’re with you all the way to the end. We define success by earning the privilege to partner with you on your next project.