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Landcore Welcomes Tom and Alexis

February 9th, 2023

Landcore is thrilled to announce that Tom Boyle, EIT, and Alexis Mathews have recently joined our Team. They will further expand our growing ability to provide land development consulting and design services to our clients. Tom will prepare and support other team members in the technical design elements of a project and Alexis will be responsible for providing specialized design services on designated projects by creating complex drawings and detailed design.

Tom and Alexis bring excellent technical expertise and a passion for using design to develop solutions to address the critical needs of our clients,” said Brian Meyers. “We look forward to Tom and Alexis’ continued ability to operate within Landcores’s successful team and develop innovative solutions as we continue to transform and grow.”

Brian Meyers, Vice President, and Operations Director

TOM, a Penn State graduate, has more than five years of experience in Land Development Design & Permitting. Tom enjoys the high level problem solving of engineering and brainstorming with his team to see how many ways a can problem can be solved, and which one is likely going to create the best result. He appreciates the impact that his job creates in society. It is rewarding to know that people will be living in the homes we design, driving on our roads, and relying on our engineering judgement for safety and well-being of their families.

Welcome Tom Boyle

“I am thrilled to join the ever-growing team here at Landcore. I am looking to make strong relationships, collaborate with coworkers and clients, and receive strong mentorship as I grow as a designer and eventually a project manager. I specifically enjoy Landcore’s EOS model, team-over-self-mentality, thorough CAD standards, extensive organization, and frequent communication. I am lucky to have joined a company that prides itself on these traits and is constantly open-minded to new ideas – no matter where they come from!”

ALEXIS, a South Hills School of Business & Technology graduate, brings a diverse array of experience having spent time working in Land Development for large scale residential, commercial, and oil & gas industries in Central PA, as well as transportation work, and stormwater management design. Alexis’ favorite part about Land Development is that no matter what challenges a project faces, there is almost always a solution. She loves seeing a project through to completion after having been there for it every step along the way. Varying project timelines can make it seem like a dream when things finally come together. Just when it seems that nothing will ever settle is right when the pieces start to fall in place, and the design comes to life.

Welcome Alexis Mathews

“After taking a few years away from the computer screen to focus on personal aspirations, I’m delighted to return to the world of Land Development by joining Landcore. LEC’s focus on building and maintaining a successful team that can seamlessly collaborate and function as a well-oiled machine is incredible. I’m so excited to see the possibilities that this keen focus will allow us to accomplish as a whole.”