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Westgate Mall Redevelopment

City of Bethlehem, PA

Project Overview

This existing shopping mall will be a multi-phased redevelopment to revitalize the antiquated space. The infill section of the mall will be demolished, and a new Starbucks, branch bank, and multi-tenant retail/restaurant strip will be constructed. This will create two new pad sites, including a credit union and a McDonald’s, and an increase in leasable space, resulting in higher rent per square foot.

The shopping center is currently nearly entirely paved, but our design will create one acre of new greenspace, reducing impervious coverage. This will revamp the site aesthetic and improve traffic channelization. Despite the creation of pervious coverage, additional stormwater management will still be provided to address existing flooding issues within the city.

Pedestrian circulation will also be enhanced with over 3,000 feet of new sidewalks and pedestrian access to adjacent sidewalk networks.

Our team will execute a complicated phased development to create an anchor spot, with the existing tenant moving into the large anchor pad in phase 1, the construction of a fuel island in phase 2, and the remaining build-out in phase 3. Additionally, we are working with the transit authority to provide a future bus stop inside the redeveloped shopping center.