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Proposed Warehouse Development

Bristol, PA

Project Overview

This 24.74-acre site along the Delaware river is partially under the 95 flyovers and bisected by a railroad.  It presently contains an existing lab research building and several warehouses and light manufacturing units.

The project goal was to maximize the by-right warehouse area to be constructed, ensuring we stay within the zoning ordinance limits, while also allowing for continual operations. We achieved this by proposing a modular design, allowing for phased construction and seamless work between phases. This approach will enable our client to maintain existing leases and let tenants operate during construction. While it poses grading challenges, balancing the 5% grade across 25 acres, our design solves these by utilizing green spaces, and spreading stormwater management and infiltration bases around the site. We increased above-ground stormwater storage with 70% above-ground basins, reducing maintenance and costs while maximizing the square footage permitted by the zoning ordinance. This successful design strategy will allow for the construction of two new warehouses of 100,170-sf and 230,160-sf respectively, while preserving the existing lab research building.