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Hazlet Town Center

Hazlet, NJ

Project Overview

This project involved the redevelopment of an outdated shopping center that had been paved out to its limits, and whose anchors had gone out of business. Our team leveraged our extensive knowledge of the permitting process to design a redevelopment plan that was approved by the township without the need for variances, circumventing opposition from neighboring parties and accelerating the approval process.

The site is bordered by a FEMA floodplain and encumbered by existing buildings in the floodplain, which posed significant challenges for obtaining permits. We were able to obtain swift permit approvals for the endcap tenant (Panera) and their drive-through, as well as an acre of greenspace as part of Phase 1.

In parallel with Phase 1, we executed Phase 2 which involved the renovation of the anchor store for a clothing store and a gym. Our team collaborated with the township to obtain a zoning permit (instead of a full Site Plan approval process) for Phase 2. This allows for renovation and minor site improvements while compressing the overall schedule to enable tenants to move in as soon as possible and to allow our client to begin collecting rent.

The final phase of the project involves the installation of a convenience store with gas station complete with green islands to improve the impervious coverage.