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Dollar General

Moorestown, NJ

Project Overview

The transformation of an old gas station and a single-family home into a new Dollar General store was a highly complex project, requiring a deep understanding of site design, land development, and civil engineering. The township’s strict streetscape requirements made this store one of the most elaborate and difficult Dollar Generals ever constructed, necessitating a complete reconfiguration of the company’s prototype to meet these demanding standards.

Collaboration between our team, the architect, and subconsultants was essential to achieving the desired aesthetic and site requirements. Given the high costs of meeting these exacting standards, we had to work with precision and efficiency during the site design process to keep expenses down and avoid triggering stormwater management thresholds.

Moreover, the existing utilities were intricate and required delicate handling, demanding significant coordination with the county and township utility authorities to ensure a successful project outcome. This kind of project required our experienced and knowledgeable team with an exceptional understanding of the complexities of site design, land development, and civil engineering to accomplish it successfully.