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Michael P. Lardi III

Project Manager

Mike Lardi’s role as Project Manager involved the planning, design and permitting of land development projects. Mike joined Landcore in 2020 as a Design Engineer and within a year, was promoted to Project Manager based on his excellent communication skills, ability to mentor and progressive approach to projects. Mike’s project experience within Landcore varies from quality self-storage development to large mixed use commercial development.

Mike has over 20 years of experience in the land development field throughout a wide array of projects. Prior to joining Landcore, Mike gained experience at another local firm, balancing the needs of the client, collaborating with the contractors and other design subconsultants, and addressing the concerns of the various regulatory authorities to bring these projects to fruition and open for business as expediently as possible.

Why Landcore

At Landcore, there is no question about where you fit in.  A great deal of attention is given to each of our roles, with clear paths forward. There is a blueprint transparently laid out to everyone for the firm’s continued growth and success.  With the right attitude, determination to improve, and bit of smarts, one can feel secure in their employment at Landcore.