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Michael P. Lardi III

Director of Operations

Mike has filled a number of different roles in his twenty-plus years of experience in land development consulting, giving him a thorough understanding of the operational demands and challenges facing Project Managers, Drafters, Engineers, Construction Phase personnel, and Leadership teams. Mike’s mission is to equip Landcore’s people with the technology, systems, SOPs, etc. they need to provide a consistently high level of customer service and predictably excellent engineering deliverables.  This includes building strong teams and departments, overseeing ongoing technical training efforts, simplifying/streamlining repetitive tasks, and maintaining strong alignment with current company objectives across the company.

Why Landcore

At Landcore, there is no question about where you fit in. A great deal of attention is given to each of our roles, with clear paths forward. There is a blueprint transparently laid out for everyone for the firm’s continued growth and success. With the right attitude, determination to improve, and a bit of smarts, one can feel secure in their employment at Landcore.