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Brittainy Adams

Director of Human Resources

With 17 years in the industry, Brittainy stands out as a dynamic professional in people services and marketing. Her expertise encompasses a unique blend of skills, ranging from relationship development and creativity to strategic thinking and culture cultivation. Committed to fostering an engaged and informed employee base with a healthy interactive culture, Brittainy has seamlessly navigated roles in employee engagement, design, project management, marketing, and business development.

Throughout her career, she has played a pivotal role in shaping and developing people, cultures, brands, design, and relationships, all while upholding strong business initiatives. Recognizing the paramount importance of employees as a company’s most valuable asset, Brittainy has instituted programs and relationships that resonate with this understanding.

In her role at Landcore, Brittainy is poised to play a key role in crafting an unparalleled employment experience and ensuring the acquisition of best-in-class talent to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Serving as the driving force behind the firm’s people strategy, she adeptly aligns it with key business imperatives, contributing significantly to collective team growth, engagement, and overall well-being.

Brittainy’s responsibilities extend beyond workforce planning, talent strategies, culture, and change, and employee engagement. She is also responsible for ensuring the organization’s compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations. Additionally, she will be instrumental in developing strategic plans to prioritize marketing efforts, managing, and maintaining the company’s website and social media presence, and enhancing brand awareness and client impact.

Why Landcore?

Landcore is in a prime position for growth, and with growth comes opportunities. Landcore is growing intelligently, and I saw an opportunity to be a part of a strategic shift that would allow me to lend my talents and experience. Landcore has one of the most trusting, vibrant, transparent, and relational cultures I have ever seen. They prioritize their employees beyond traditional office environments, encouraging collaboration through transparency and trust. This fosters a culture of creativity and productivity, and Landcore is a company that people dream of being a part of. I am honored to be a part of such a culture and excited to contribute to the company’s success.